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Exemptions Steering Committee

The Exemption Steering Committee's role is to provide a networking opportunity. The committee facilitates the understanding of Florida Statutes, Florida Administrative Code, Attorney General Opinions, and Case Law relating to exemptions, and provides a forum where Property Appraiser employees can ask questions, share ideas, and offer suggestions in order to administer exemptions law through the authority of their respective Property Appraiser.


Nekisha Smith, CFE

Director of Customer Service & Exemptions

Nassau County

Tran Maddox

Exemptions Manager

Palm Beach County

Alison Martin, CFE
Exemptions Manager
Osceola County

Angela Paulauskas, CFE
Appraisal Consultant II
Alachua County

Alex Luca, CFE
Staff Council
Pinellas County

Trish Oliver, CFE
Public Service and Exemptions Assistant Manager
Sarasota County 


Veronica Jarman, CFE

Exemptions Specialist

Nassau County

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