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Tony Hodge Award

There was a gentlemen who was a FCIAAO member, Executive Board member and ultimately became FCIAAO President. His name was Tony Hodge. He worked tirelessly promoting IAAO education and encouraging individuals to pursue an IAAO professional designation. In recognition of his efforts, the FCIAAO Executive Board decided to memorialize his legacy by creating the Tony Hodge Award.

The Tony Hodge Educational Award may be granted to FCIAAO regular members who earn their IAAO designation. The Executive Board shall recognize newly designated members at the successive FCIAAO Annual Conference and may present them with a $500 check. To be eligible, new designees must be a FCIAAO member in good standing for at least 24 consecutive months prior to being awarded their IAAO designation and receiving the award. Award recipients must be registered for the annual conference to participate in the awards program.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Hon. Tracy Drake, CAE, RES, AAS, CFA – Chairperson of FCIAAO’s Professional Designation Committee at (904) 278-4712 or

Click here for a complete listing all  Tony Hodge Award Recipients.

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