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Professional Designations

The Florida Chapter of IAAO supports our members who are seeking professional designations through the IAAO.  Once you become a candidate for designation, the Florida Chapter can provide valuable assistance through our Professional Designation Committee.  The Committee is dedicated to promoting awareness of the IAAO designation program by raising professional competence of assessment personnel through education.  This includes encouraging participation and providing candidates the appropriate tools, resources and technical assistance for success.

The IAAO Professional Designation Program (PDP) confers six internationally recognized professional designations:


Benefits of Designation

Earning a professional designation is a rewarding experience. IAAO designations signify exceptional competence. Professional designation offers tangible and intangible benefits, which may include:


  • Knowledge

  • Experience

  • Promotion

  • Additional Responsibilities

  • Confidence

  • Credibility


Perhaps the greatest benefit of all is a sense of accomplishment, you set a goal and fulfilled the requirements necessary for attaining it.

For more information or a candidacy application, please visit the IAAO website at 

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